Eureka Olympus 75 Neo White Coffee Grinder

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Olympus 75 E HS is the ultimate grinder born at Eureka, and they’ve pulled out every stop to live up to its Grecian namesake. The titanic design begins with a towering footprint and a 3.5-pound bean capacity (though smaller hoppers are available). Its 75mm flat hardened-steel burrs and high-speed grind dispersion technology deliver a lightning-speed grind time of 2.4 seconds per double shot, as if it was pulled by the Olympian god Zeus himself. Eureka has kept their standard one- and two-cup volumetric dosing controls and stepless adjustment dial for straightforward operation suited for the busiest cafe environments.

The power-geared design is rounded out with subtle niceties like an adjustable portafilter holder and an anti-static coating for easy cleanup.

Fast as Hermes

A 575-watt motor moves treated-steel 75mm flat burrs to supply a a double shot in 2.4 seconds of grind time. The Olympus truly shines in the espresso realm with the single and double shot timed dosing controls, which can be programmed to dispense grounds on demand for even easier operation. The portaholder can be fitted to any portafilter with a small adjustment, and, to ensure those fluffy grounds always dispense into the center of your basket, you can adjust the coffee chute itself.

Accurate as Artemis

Eureka’s patented micro-metric grind adjustment design is about as good as it gets in the industry. The dial is well positioned to make it easy to access and adjust grind settings without being a headache. The adjustment knob glides easily between coarse and fine adjustments for the occasional pour over since the bottom burr rather than the top responds to the micrometric adjustment knob, meaning you can remove the top burr for cleaning without affecting the grind setting.

Smooth as Apollo

Eureka has high attention to detail and innovation when it comes to their grinders, and the Olympus is no different. It features an anti-static and anti-clumping device that eliminates electrostatic from the grounds, turning them as fluffy as they are consistent. The anti-static coating makes for easy cleanup, and an adjustable portafilter arm and chute help to reduce mess. And, because cleanliness is next to godliness, the included base plate will catch any grinds that miss the mark.

Strong as Zeus

A neglected grinder can have a negative impact on coffee dispensing, grinding, and dose accuracy. The bottom burr response of the mircrometric adjustment makes it easy to get into the burrs for cleaning while still maintaining your last grind setting. So you can clean those burrs and keep on grinding without a moment’s pause. Cleaning just means removing 3 screws, and a sliding door closes off the hopper, making it easy enough to clean on a daily basis to keep your barista bar in tip-top shape.


Data sheet

Burrs Type
Burrs Diameter
75 mm
Burrs Material
Hardened Steel
Drive System
Bean Hopper Capacity
1.4 Kg
Bean Hopper Material
2 Doses + Continuos
Number Of Settings
Stepless Micrometric System
637 mm
240 mm
275 mm
Net Weight
13 Kg
800 W

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7 reviews for Eureka Olympus 75 Neo White Coffee Grinder

  1. Keith Mason is a lifeline for some hard to get parts, fast international shipping, and fair pricing. I’m a very happy first time customer, would absolutely order again and recommend. Thank you!

  2. John.L

    Faster-than-estimated delivery, very well packaged order, and a free bag o’ beans. Good comms via DPD, and a good solid positive transaction on a new Lelit machine from Italy.

  3. S.

    A very professional company, good service, good communication.

  4. customer

    Excellent everything.. Great product and support and fast delivery! Thanks

  5. David

    Very fast delivery – Placed order late afternoon and items delivered the next morning.

  6. Ray Barton

    Unfortunately, machine water tank arrived with crack but was replaced within two days. Machine also arrive really promptly

  7. Nikitas

    Solid communication with recommendations towards the product I wanted to purchase.

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