La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine Yellow

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The Linea Mini is the simplest and more accessible coffee machine La Marzocco produces for its home line. However, don’t be fooled by the name because this machine is still quite big in both size and performance. It gets dual stainless steel dual boilers with a 3,5 L steam boiler and a 0,17 L brew boiler, an incredibly silent Rotatory pump, and an integrated brew group that connects the group directly to the brew boiler. Just like in GS3, the Linea Mini is fitted with a paddle in order to brew your shots. However, unlike the GS3 this paddle only allows the machine to initiate the brewing process and does not allow pressure profiling. The machine, in response, has an automatic 1-second pre-infusion before the actual coffee extraction begins to allow a better coffee extraction. One thing that you will get, just like in the GS3 is a saturated group head for optimal temperature stability.


The machine comes also with a PID, which is a hidden wheel on the left of the machine that you can swivel to change the temperature. Everything is fitted in without compromising the iconic La Marzocco design, which is of course cured in the minimum details and made to last for many years in your kitchen.



Commercial components: being the “mini” version of the Linea Classic means that some components such as the gasket, steam valves, shower screens are the same as in the big sister. This means that these components are extremely durable and easy to find too.

Classic Design: the Linea classic is one of the most iconic commercial coffee machines in the business. The Linea Mini looks as good in a kitchen as the Linea Classic in a Cafe.


Things to Consider

No Pressure profiling: the paddle in the Linea Mini might give you the impression of having a pressure profiling machine, however, it’s just like a normal on/off lever.

Still quite big: despite the name “Mini”, the machine is still quite big compared to the average home espresso coffee machine.


Data sheet

Boiler Type
Dual Boiler
Boiler Material
Stainless Steel
Total Boiler Capacity
3.17 (0.17 + 3) Liters
1820 W
Brew Group Type
Saturated Group System
Brew Group Material
Stainless Steel
Steam Wand
Yes (No-Burn)
Hot Water Supply
Pump Type
Variable Pressure Profile
PID Control
Shot Timer
Water Feed
Reservoir/Hard Plumbing
Reservoir Capacity
2.5 Liters
Housing Material
Stainless Steel
Frame Material
357 mm
453 mm
377 mm
Net Weight
30 Kg

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La Marzocco

5 reviews for La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine Yellow

  1. Anthony McKenna

    Supplied on time
    Supplied on time, promptly answered pre order questions. Excellent support.

  2. Justin Williames

    Exactly as described and shipped quickly!

  3. M B

    Great price, awesome customer service. Couldn’t be happier with purchase and product!

  4. Michael Webb-Ingall

    Everything has been great! Can’t wait for my new grinder!

  5. Nick

    Great source for parts and more!
    Fast shipping, excellent service. There was a misunderstanding involving a part I needed – it was a little my fault and a little their fault – that resulted in me herring a part that didn’t fit. They fixed it so fast it made my head spin – after double checking that the new part would be what I needed, it was shipped overnight along with a shipping label to return the original part I had ordered. They were only focused on fixing the problem – no questions asked.

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