Rocket Giotto Timer Evoluzione R Espresso Machine

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There has always been a bit of confusion with the Giotto and the Mozzafiato, hence want to start by making one fundamental distinction. This version of the Giotto is part of the Evoluzione R series where R stands for Rotatory Pump not to be confused with the Giotto Timer Type V, which fits a vibration pump instead. The difference between the Giotto and the Mozzafiato is uniquely in the design.  Let’s start then with the Giotto: it is a single boiler heat exchanger coffee machine with the iconic E61 group and a PID control for maximum temperature stability. The copper boiler has a 1.8 L capacity and it allows you to brew and steam simultaneously. The rotatory pump is taken straight out of the commercial line machines and other than being incredibly silent, it also allows you to plumb it directly to your waterline. The machine also comes with the built-in shot timer and a hidden PID for you to choose the best brewing and steaming temperature. The E61 group head seen in other models in the Rocket line-up has been modified by Rocket in order to allow a 1-second pre-infusion time before the coffee extraction, a feature typically seen in the highest class professional coffee machines. The design of the machine is what we believe is the most distinctive feature which separates it from the more straight lines we are used to. We personally love those side panels which makes the Giotto look almost hexagonal. Should you not like this effect, Rocket has thought of you: the Mozzafiato Timer Evoluzione R with its more boxy design will probably be the best choice for you. Whichever you will choose you will be impressed with the hand-built quality and the attention to detail typical of Rocket machines.



Rotatory Pump: Rocket’s Rotatoy pump is extremely silent and it allows more stable pressure compared to the Vibration pump model, definitely an option to go for if you have the possibility.

Design: we love the technological features that this machine has fitted in and how they manage to combine all this with a minimalistic design.


Things to Consider

Careful with the Chrome: being entirely covered in chrome panels, it will be very easy to notice scratches in the stainless steel. To avoid that we always recommend cleaning the coffee machine with a micro-fiber cloth.

Direct water connection: being fitted with a Rotatory pump means also you can connect it directly to your water. If you have the possibility, we strongly recommend this option paired with a filtration system in order to not only avoid filling up the tank every day but also to purify the water and improve the machine’s life.


Price €1,656.00
Boiler Type Heat-Exchanger
Boiler Material Copper/Brass
Total Boiler Capacity 1.80 Liters
Wattage 1350 W
Brew Group Type E61
Brew Group Material Chrome Plated Brass
Steam Wand Yes (No-Burn)
Hot Water Supply Yes
Pump Type Rotary
Variable Pressure Profile No
PID Control Yes
Shot Timer Yes
Water Feed Reservoir/Hard Plumbing
Reservoir Capacity 2.5 Liters
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Frame Material Steel
Width 335 mm
Depth 420 mm
Height 400 mm
Net Weight 27.8 Kg



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