Rocket Porta Via Espresso Machine

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Inside a box where you would expect to find trumpet, lies a hand made Rocket machine with E61 group, heat exchanger boiler, a full metal water tank, and the classic Rocket styling for the world to see. If this sounds crazy, that’s probably cause it is. Since the first time we saw it at Host in Milan, we always knew that the Porta Via would sit in a category of its own. Flash forward a couple of years and itโ€™s still impossible to find anything like it. The beautiful case it comes in is covered in steel allowing you to safely take it anywhere you want and despite the limited space they managed to fit a 1,2 L heat exchanger boiler for simultaneous brewing and steaming. The equipment is impressive too, with a bottomless portafilter, a stainless steel tamper, a milk pitcher, and even a set of cups as standard.



Amazing Looks: we love the steel case the machine comes in, whether you fit it in your kitchen counter or at an event, itโ€™s eye-catching looks won’t make you regret spending all that money.

Capability: it is not the most advanced machine you can buy but we love how Rocket managed to fit many elements present in the commercial coffee machines in such a small space. Truly impressive work.


Things to Consider

Still heavy: even though the name, the case, and the size suggest that this machine can be easily carried everywhere, it still weighs 30 Kg meaning it’s not the easiest thing to carry. If you have to carry it we recommend asking for a pair of hands more.

You pay the Exclusivity: there’s no hiding from the fact that this coffee machine costs pretty much the same as the Rocket Evoluzione R models. The Porta Via is a rather unique coffee machine in every possible aspect. However, if it’s the performance you are looking for, then you might be more interested in a Rocket Evoluzione R model.


Data sheet

Boiler Type
Boiler Material
Total Boiler Capacity
1.20 (0.47 + 0.73) Liters
1350 W
Brew Group Material
Chrome Plated Brass
Steam Wand
Yes (No-Burn)
Hot Water Supply
Pump Type
Variable Pressure Profile
PID Control
Shot Timer
Water Feed
Internal Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity
0.9 Liters
Housing Material
Stainless Steel
Frame Material
Stainless Steel
200 mm
405 mm
535 mm
Net Weight
29.7 Kg

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  1. Rafal Olszewski

    Great customer service . ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Steve Wright

    Great company
    Great company, very knowledgeable really good prices. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Anthony

    Espressodepots is Right ON! They answer all the questions and have the parts or equipment we need when we need it. Thanks to Matt and Team!

  4. Matt Collins

    Espressodepots is a great resource
    Espressodepots is easy to work with, informative and Matt is not only knowledgable but extremely supportive, even when we ordered the wrong thing and had to make an exchange. It was smooth, fast and efficient.

  5. Patrick Bergin

    good communication fast shipping.

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