Rocket R Nine One Edizione Speciale Espresso Machine

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Even though the R NINE ONE is aimed for home use it has all the elements taken from Rocket’s Commercial machines. Let’s start with the boilers: it has one for brewing and one for steaming with respectively 1.9 L and 3.6 L capacity. The coffee machine is also fitted with a saturated group head for an incredibly stable temperature flow. But the party piece of this machine and the reason you will want this is the incredible pressure profiling system which allows you to dose the amount of pressure at any point of the brewing. You can save up to 5 different pressure profiles or select the manual pressure profile when you feel like experimenting. To select the exact pressure at any time there is a knob on top of the group head which you turn from left to right in order to select the desired pressure. You will be impressed with the precision of the knob, turn it just a few millimeters and it will change the pressure-flow instantly. In the touch screen, you will see a very cool line chart that will record the time and amount of pressure at each point of the extraction. Another function worth mentioning is the timer to program the on/off of the coffee machine. You can program it for each day of the week and it’s very intuitive.



Pressure Profiling: through the use of the knob you can select the most precise and personalized pressure profile than any other coffee machine. It allows you to constantly experiment and to find the ideal amount of pressure for your coffee shot.

Built Quality: no matter the side you look at this machine, you will see quality and premium materials used from every angle. The coffee machines come in a wooden box too which is definitely a nice touch.


Things to Consider

Takes some time to heat up: while stainless steel boilers are incredibly resistant to corrosion and generally give better temperature stability compared to the copper ones, they do take more time to heat up. For the R NINE ONE to be ready to brew and steam it will take between 25-30 min. Hence, we recommend programming the automatic turning on the machine about 30 minutes before you will use it.

Complex at first: the level of customization in this machine is impressive, however, it might be complicated at first. Read carefully the manual to avoid confusion.


Data sheet

Boiler Type
Dual Boiler
Boiler Material
Stainless Steel
Total Boiler Capacity
5.5 (1.9 + 3.6) Liters
1600 W
Brew Group Type
Saturated Group System
Brew Group Material
Stainless Steel
Steam Wand
Yes (No-Burn)
Hot Water Supply
Pump Type
Variable Pressure Profile
PID Control
Shot Timer
Water Feed
Reservoir/Hard Plumbing
Reservoir Capacity
2.5 Liters
Housing Material
Stainless Steel
Frame Material
Stainless Steel
410 mm
505 mm
430 mm
Net Weight
47.4 Kg



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  1. Toby

    Fast Shipping!

    Good product, super fast shipping!

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    Great quality…as described 😀

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    Espressodepots Coffee provided me the portafilter parts I needed at a reasonable price and shipped them quickly at a reasonable cost.

  4. Michael Garside

    Every experience with Espressodepots Supply is a great one. The equipment, used or new, is always great and the customer service is outstanding. You can’t go wrong.

  5. Jamie Jarman

    Great product exactly as posted fast shipping . 😀

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