Stone Mine Espresso Machine

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What were Stone owners thinking when coming out with this name? Solidity, simplicity, weight? All these adjectives can very well describe this brand-new coffee machine. What you see is what you get, a compact, stylish coffee machine with a full stainless-steel body. Fitted with a brand new thermosyphon system boiler it allows you to brew and steam simultaneously, impressive for such a compact coffee machine.

The heating time is impressive too with only 10 minutes needed in order to start brewing your coffee. This is made possible thanks to a 200 W heater situated in the group head which rapidly heats the group head and assures optimal temperature stability. This, however, is not the only heating element present in the coffee machine, because there is another 1000 W heating element situated inside the 1.7 L boiler. Despite the compact size, the Stone weighs over 20 Kg and this is not a bad thing since it allows the coffee machine to stay stable and still while brewing your coffee.

A wide range of personalization is available with different body styles and interchangeable side pods. There are 4 main versions: the Pure, the Plus, the Mine, and the Mine Premium. All with different body panels, side pods, and drip trays, they allow you to choose the best configuration for your kitchen. In this Mine version, you get a satin side panel and drip tray with either black or green interchangeable slabs.

Data sheet

Boiler Type
Dual Circuit
Boiler Material
Total Boiler Capacity
1.5 Liters
1200 W
Brew Group Type
Custom stainless steel group with heating element
Brew Group Material
Stainless Steel
Brew Group Diameter
58 mm
Steam Wand
Yes (No-Burn)
Hot Water Supply
Pump Type
Variable Pressure Profile
PID Control
Shot Timer
Water Feed
Internal Reservoir
Reservoir Capacity
1.2 L
Housing Material
Stainless Steel
Frame Material
225 mm
440 mm
355 mm
Net Weight
20.5 Kg


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  1. Asif Malik

    Just what I needed

    Great selection of goods, fast shipping, affordable, great customer service.

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    Espressodepots shipped my order fast!
    Espressodepots shipped my order fast and was very easy to work with!

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    The store service is excellent.

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    Excellent variety to chose from, Love coffee 😉

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    very good and fast shipping 😀

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